Wednesday, May 14, 2008


We all do nature, love art, love our family, love a special person in our life, and moreover we love to ourself very much but unknowingly. Whatever we have around us we certainly react to it when our ATTENTION is associated with it, and this results FEELINGS in us those sometimes called LOVE. If knowledge is the FRUIT of our sensual-data than feelings are SEED developed in that fruit. It is normal practice in our life that we repeatedly analyse one situation in our mind to understand it. But suppose we are impressed by some QUALITIES ( say of a person ) in that situation we start REVISING the situation in our mind by forcing our ATTENTION to recall it from memory so that we can feel the SAME (joy or sorrow) as happened earlier in real situation with us. A time comes when we feel helpless in us to DETACH ourself to recall past sitation...somewhat CRAZY like situation. we start dying like to meet that sitation again & again or we do it by recalling it in mind again & again. This I believe is the LOVE we do in our (social) life which in short I can say depend on two things....
1) How much we are impressed by the QUALITES relatively.
2)How many times we recalled all this in our memory
And last but not least at all is " How much HUNGER we feel in us to put ourself in that situation. This I think is WORLDLY LOVE for anything we feel in our heart, we may call it OBJECTIVE - LOVE .
There is another love called SUBJECTIVE - LOVE that we feel in us which doesnt require impressive qualities , doesnt need recalling from memory all the times, since it is above to our EXPERIENCES , rather it fountains the JOY in all our objective love experiences, It is the source of JOY (ANAND) in us . Certainly we all need to know it , to feel its JOY in us. My dear friends we are slave of our mind and that is further slave of sensual experiences since from childhood to now we learn to know things like this only. Knowledge is not limited to experiences( ANUBHAVA), I give you examples we KNOW ZERO but we cant experience it ...., We can count the things in number, still we know INFINITY but we do not KNOW infinity in experience, this conclusive experience we INDIANS call as ABUBHUTEE. Well ! Let me to tell you , this Anubhutee is very inner experience of us where we sink in STATICNESS,.....and this situation comes only when we cut-off mind from all our senses, cut-off all feelings associated with any thought in mind , cut-off all our SANSKAR those tag with our feelings to force us to act in life , .......and this defusion one into another ends with UNITY in us that is all calm , peace & joy of hollowness .This is called Subjective love since we start this with the external objective love & feel it in the deapth of us , than we revise the same love for God or His people without any expectation & again we feel it in deepest of ourself untill we fell in its supreme ANUBUTEE of enlightenment, and a stage comes when we we dont need anything for this SUBJECTIVE-LOVE , everything appears as UNITY in this love....everything all alike .


nivia said...

n i love the way you are writing your posts .......... Nice to have a friend like you

nivia said...

"बंद कोठारी में,तुम्हे अपने आस-पास महसूस करने को
तुम्हारे प्यार भरे स्पर्श की कविताये ही हें बहुत !!!" bahut hi pasand aayi aapki lines .plz aise hi likhte rahiye n hame screp karte rahiye