Tuesday, May 13, 2008

K N O W I N G____Y OU R S E L F

The Purpose of this web-blog is to make an understanding of the orderly nature around us ; as we all do, we sense the things and our mind react over this sensual-data. Basically our understanding of anything is based upon:-

2> Our own EXPERIENCE of it

A simple fact is , an observation is observed when it is illuminated , as we all know very well , no observation can be visualised if no light falls on the object , the same condition is applicable to our own experience of observation in us. Just analyse in yourself , our experience of the object is illuminated in our mind on recalling it......even in closed eyes. Similarly when sensual-data reaches in mind, the knower in us can not collect it untill it is not illuminated in mind and we observe this fact by associating our ATTENTION (Dhyana) to know the object. Now the very first querry arises here is " WHAT IS THIS ILLUMINATING SOURCE WHICH FOCUSES KNOWLEDGE IN OUR MIND, WHICH FOCUSES RECOLLECTION FROM MEMORY. "
This problem is very neatly solved in an INDIAN - VIEW that we know observation by our internal organ (Antahkaran*) which is based upon our SELF- the subject that illuminates the knowledge in our mind. What Indian-text books teach us is " DIVERSITY WE OBSERVE IS PART OF ONE UNITY " There is a relation between external world & its impression on mind as though , And further this sensual-data ( thought) when repeatedly analysed & reflected in mind , we inherently get associated with a FEELING with that thought, which later becomes the cause of our desires. I give you an example to understand it as " world around us like TREE , and its thoughts like its FRUITS and our feelings for its thought as SEED ". The seed is the souce of tree & so friut too , and hence seed holds in it all these to be menifested in future in due course. This is the meaning of " UNITY IN DIVERSITY " And the earth to germinate this seed is the ILLUMINATING SOUL in all living beings. It is this SOUL that unites everything like sanskara, feelings , desires , thoughts , knowledge & every observation around us into one string BY ILLUMINATING EVERYTHING INTO ONE UNITY "

* Antahkaran is the the inner cause of activities in us; Ahankar , Chit , Budhi & Manna are the four causes of our inner activities those make us to act on observing anything around us and it is the system between ILLUMINATING ( SOUL) source in us & the illuminating world around us.

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